I am: 

...obsessed by the ordinary and in the way that experiencing ordinariness is affected by our sense of identity and place and cultural norms. 

...often overtaken by a sudden feeling of dissonance when the familiar suddenly seems unfamiliar despite its everyday-ness.

...fraught by the uncertainty of global crisis and societal dissonance concerning what's needed to secure our future


All this informs the content of my work and the processes. I often mix media, and painting and collage. I change process and approach every day. Partly it allows for a constant changing of visual vocabulary to express perpetually shifting responses to and feelings about my world. Partly too it's an art of disparate elements defying society’s obsession with categorising the world, identity and place of the individual. And above all, it imposes uncertainty: an allegorical response to the society framing my everyday.


Gillian Holding is a contemporary artist living and working in Leeds, UK, on socially engaged art projects, contemporary painting and drawing and 3D projects

gillian holding