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#dailyfail #51


Caran d’ache crayons lurking in the bottom of my bag and a new sketchbook/journal with really nice paper that looks as though it will take water well so in nice illogical fashion, instead of playing with water-based media I opt to use the wax crayons.

There were only eight in the box. But interestingly, a fuscia, a cyan-type blue and a good orangey Indian yellow were all included. I have liked this primary colour combination for some years, ever since a tutor told me they were a good way of avoiding mixing up that peculiarly dull English flesh colour palette.

And he was right.

The combination results in subtle greens, great purples and lively oranges. Even with wax crayons.

I sat doing this in a café. Colouring with crayons even in a grown up way still makes tables wobble. The milk spilt and the waitress clearly thought I was nuts.

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