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Drawing media

experiments with media

I thought I had one of those eureka moments yesterday. I thought I’d found the perfect medium to work directly onto Perspex to secure the underlying compositional drawing. It allowed me to do everything I wanted and I loved the colour (exactly the right black, and I must have rejected five other blacks over the last fortnight for various colour cast issues) and the texture (held gestural brush marks perfectly) and it didn’t dissolve when I began throwing other things onto the surface.

Then I turned it over at the end of the day, peeled back the blue plastic, and saw that it was just too much. No subtlety at all. A shock to the senses. It was probably as much me over-egging it as anything else.

I’m not giving up on it though. It definitely has potential. I’m off to try and find some other colours to mix my own black with a bit more nuance.

Then I’ll re-read my long list of critical assessment points on the experimental works made this week which I noted down at close of play yesterday. Then dive in yet again without thinking as though I’d never even thought of any of them.

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