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Informed by Photoshop #gristtothemill


Between now and my deadline for this painting, I have chauffeur, chef, housemaid, teaching and advisory duties making lengthy studio visits nigh impossible.

Since I don’t like to leave a painting in the final stages, this is potentially a problem.

Unless I make a virtue out of a necessity. To keep the freshness of the final painting, I’m sectioning off as much as I can do on a brief pop-in visit, and will proceed to work rapidly on each little part. A sort of real life photoshop selection process. This stops me from rushing to cover a fairly large surface too impatiently because of shortage of time. And to be honest, I like the massive element of risk and chance this entails.

I have control over the colour palette but very little control over overall integration. The final picture will be as much of a revelation to me as it is to anyone else.

Fun, huh?

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