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Playing with print

Some time ago I read about the principle of obliquity: the idea that to reach a goal, you need to go sideways a bit. Take a few paths leading away from the end destination.

This of course is what artists do all the time. Going straight to the envisioned end point is a waste of the creative spirit. You need to try, fail, explore, fail again to achieve the best you can. No risk, no failure means no real success.

One of the best sideways paths to take is a change of medium. I always find that a complete shift in art making always gives me a fresh perspective on something to do with my principle art form of painting. The last six weeks I have become obsessed again by printmaking. I began just wanting to do a small linocut but ended up via monotypes to lithography and prints incorporating collage. Some unexpectedly pleasing results have occurred through all the experiments.

Even though I need to resume the painting some point in the near future, I'm excited to continue with my rediscovery of printmaking in all its forms. It's pure play, no pressure, no stress, no need to secure more-than-satusfactory results.

Watch this space!

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