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Underpainting #gristtothemill


Despite the rain and consequential almost-floods requiring construction of a barrage of bags of compost across the drive, I made it in to work eventually.

Spent the afternoon playing with pastel and charcoal to develop and attenuate a surface of household paint. Having passed hours on preparatory pieces and sketchbook experiments, it’s approaching the moment of truth.

I can play around with layers all I want because it’s “only” a layer and thus only a stepping stone pretty much incapable of being “judged”.

But moving onto the next step (possibly) of opaque paint raises the stakes. Yes, of course I can just keep overprinting. However, the freshness of wet-in-wet first go around has a desirable quality lacking when it comes to working the surface too hard.

Maybe it’s all psychological. I’m a bit all-or-nothing. I like to dive in on the final piece, optimistically seeking the holy grail of unconscious competence.

And why not?

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