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#dailyfail #12


Sculpting and exploring puppetry is pretty forgiving in terms of outcome. Almost anything looks quirky/interesting/funny. But the outcome even on first attempts represents hours of practice observing people, faces, bodies, movement. And hands and feet.

Hands and feet are my bugbear. I have shockingly bad eyesight, so in all the years of life drawing and figure drawing, I have never been close enough to actually see any detail. So I’m fine with a suggestion, an impression of hand, but detail? Forget it.

Every now and again, I seek to remedy this deficiency and draw hands for days on end. At some point the aim is to become self sufficient in hand design. I must say, I didn’t think I was so poor at hands until a few years ago when a tutor at uni said the hands on my work were not good enough.

So it’s time once again to practice, practice, practice hands till I can draw them in my sleep. And then make them.

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