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#dailyfail #31


Excellent. A proper, irritating daily fail today. Found it very hard to move on the new project for this week which is a comparatively straightforward requirement for a limited edition print to accompany an anticipated launch of my recent artist’s book (details of which can be found on my website).

It’s a fun thing to do, and since it is based on the hundreds of hours of work I put in on drawings for the book, I anticipate the final image I decide upon will be a very rapidly executed work.

But I have to get my hand back in on this theme and I’ve decided I want a silhouette of a geisha in an image of the Galerie Vivienne in Paris, which will itself be printed using chine collé techniques incorporating a scan of oriental textiles I have collected.

Thus a satisfying circularity and series of links between west and east and Paris and the book.

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