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#adailyselfreflection: Welcome to the Dedicated Blog

digital drawing

forcing myself to use a constant line to depict form and volume

#adailyselfreflection began when I realised there was a great forum in cyberspace for showing digitally generated work, and I loved the idea that artwork with no tangible existence could be viewed in the exact form in which it had been created.

I began with Twitter, and then understood that Twitter was so much more. I found myself on a social media workshop series which I have blogged about in my Life and Art blog. I realised Facebook was another audience altogether and began messing with selective tweeting. I discovered Linkedin wasn’t just for lawyers and corporate beings and set up shop there. And cottoned on to Flickr using the term ‘photo’ in much the same way as Facebook uses ‘friend’: a 21st century extension and adaptation of meaning.

After four months of juggling laptop, iPad and iPhone, emails to self and interminable uploads to update the plethora of online galleries, and the solution hit me in the midst of New Year Resolutions frenzy: posting through a dedicated blog. So simple. So convenient. Why on earth did I not do so earlier? The simple answer (I am slightly ashamed to admit) was that I wasn’t thinking creatively.

And so to today’s offering. Some days it is a delight to draw. Some days it is not. Forcing myself to use a constant unvarying line to model form and volume is particularly unpleasant. This self-imposed restraint was a visual response, I think, to all the reflecting and pondering I did yesterday about routine and self-discipline. I really really wish I did not have to start this dedicated blog with this particular image, but self-discipline will prevail in all respects here!

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