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#dailyfail #1

I couldn’t resist it. New year, new project. Driven by the one thing I regularly do not do enough of despite knowing that it is massively important for successful creativity. Confronting failure head on.

Sketchbooks and journals are usually private; unpressured by threat of exposure, the artist is free to experiment and build up a catalogue of glorious failure as a platform to learning and progress. Sketchbooks are frequently only revealed after sanitising and cleaning.

What happens if the private pages are exposed? The daubings revealed? The inner workings randomly photographed and publicised for the world at large? What if the pages put out there are the result of a deliberate, conscious decision to do something you wouldn’t normally want to do? A conscious step outside any sort of comfort zone?

I’m going to find out what happens. 2012 is the year of #thedailyfail. I’ll have a go at posting every day, but more important is the commitment each day to tackle just one thing (in sketchbook form) I don’t want to do.

Here’s today. I hate nighttime work.

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