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#dailyfail #11


The best type of glorious failure today.

I have been playing around with surfaces for making shadow puppets, and had read that Ivory Board (which is neither ivory nor board, being simply a bright white smooth cardstock) of a certain weight would take on a nice translucency once oiled out after painting with watercolour.

So all I wanted to do was throw some watercolour onto the surface in preparation for oiling, and since I had a figure in mind, the daubings took on a figurative air albeit irritatingly squashed. But although the painting itself is rather dire, I LOVED the ivory board as a surface for watercolour. I would never have thought of using card to paint on, but this surface was wonderful.

The paint was sucked in and dried quickly, but all the texture of the brush remained visible. I was quite entranced by the surface effects.

I quite forgot what I was supposed to be doing and ended up scribbling with oil pastel so now it won’t oil out in quite the way I planned, but no matter.

A worthwhile day.

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