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#dailyfail #18


The entire day was almost a #dailyfail after falling back to sleep when I should have been up and about.

Creativity was hampered by printer problems (yes, oh yes, the bitter irony given my distancing from technology for creative purposes) because I had source material on my iPad I thought it would be fun to print out. I have a low threshold for fun.

So I had all of three minutes to play around with some water soluble pastel pencils I found lurking in a drawer. A deeper search revealed a pen and nib and ink and off I went.

Nibs and ink are wonderfully unpredictable tools. As I pushed and dragged and flicked and sprang the steel, I was forcibly reminded of the contrast with digital “ink pens”. You can (and I do) randomize the settings as much as you like, but it never gets real-life random with blotches and spatters and running out of ink when you least expect it.

Another aspect of risk/failure is just using tools to hand. Whatever emerges from the drawer.

Don’t think, don’t analyse, just use.

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