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#dailyfail #48


What I’m most enjoying about the whole #dailyfail exercise is the complete freedom from having to justify time, concept, context, skill, or a thing else that impedes just getting on with something.

It simply doesn’t matter what the outcome is because the basic outcome is the end-in-itself.

Today I pulled out of a pile of old drawings a piece of messing I did about 18 months ago playing a game of marking and obliterating, black, white, black and so on. I thought it would be interesting to start the same game on the same sheet but using glazed colour.

The colours happen to be the colours of the tights I have on today and the nail varnish I have been wearing for a week which looked an interesting green in the bottle, but in the context of everything else I am wearing/carrying, has a strident yellow feel to it. Walking around with yellow nail varnish is interesting.

I feel it is high time I explored it in paint.

Without any need to justify, contextualise, explain or succeed, of course.

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