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#dailyfail #63



Some days it’s impossible to resist the lure of digital play. Particularly when you are travelling up and down the country in a train with an empty biro, fading laundry marker but plenty of access to electrical sockets and power and thus in no danger of running out of charge.

I was seized by the idea of virtual graffitti and messing with virtual duck tape. Or duct tape. However you say it.

I’ve done a few pieces with deliberate real graffitti. It’s interesting to observe the effect this has on viewers. There’s almost a degree of embarrassment, a helpless turning towards the invigilator. What can this defacement mean? Why did no one stop it?

Scribbling over one’s own work feels odd in this sort of context. It’s an ambiguous action for both artist and viewer. This virtual defacing is pretty meaningless by comparison, but stuck in the train, it’s the most I can do.

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