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#dailyfail #67


Back in the studio. Back to the current work. Or one of them (I always have a number of works on the go; it’s a practice I developed on my degree course. I work so quickly, and am so impatient, it’s the easiest way to ensure not overdoing anything).

No danger of that here. I can’t move off the background. It’s essential I get exactly the right shades of blue and yellow. I have been painting in my head for days and have tantalizing glimpses in my imagination of what I’m looking for, but nothing is quite coming out as it should.

I’ve spray painted, and pastelled, and layered and unlayered and whited out and repainted and that yellow and that blue remain elusive. We’re talking fractional degrees here. My ultra-sensitive colour antennae will settle for nothing less. It’s the whole compositional and abstract form of the painting at stake. Once I’ve established this part, the rest will fly.

No one (save readers of this blog) will ever know about the background struggle for the blue and yellow. Because if it doesn’t look effortlessly “right” in the final result, the painting won’t work.

Anyway. I’ve realised its definitely a violet-blue I’m seeking, and a pale orange-yellow. I’m almost there.

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