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Enamel Enamoured #gristtothemill


After a busy couple of weeks spent staring at computer screens producing work for various festivals here, there and just about everywhere, I arrived in the studio this morning ready to play with real paint.

Diverted however by the distracting mess which greeted me (a pile of sawdust, a chop saw on my painting table, and a huge pile of dried mounted paper drawings on mdf) I have spent most of the time tidying up and actually vacuuming. I was so inspired to get things straight I’ve even been to the skip.

Leaving little time to carry out the original plan which was to tip enamel paint onto board and draw into it. I can see its an evolving work of progress as I type. The paint is now finding its own way across the surface with a bit of help from me. I now need to GO AWAY and LEAVE IT ALONE.

Patience, patience.

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