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Frantic sketching

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Travelling light

In an era when it seems so many can work away from office/home/whilst travelling, and it's easy for an artist to carry a sketchbook everywhere, I still always feel I can't properly progress projects unless I'm in the studio.

Of course, it's not true. Having the sketchbook to hand is essential but then it's just mindset. I'm in the midst of a frantic travelling schedule and with lots of work happening for shows this year, I can't afford to have days off just because I'm on a train/in the air/in a car. So I am currently carting around three separate sketchbooks, a fountain pen, a brush pen with a water cartridge and some Japanese style watercolour brush pens. At every opportunity I'm pulling out something and drawing what I see or what I feel. Just to keep going, remember where I'm at with ideas each day. You think you'll remember each brilliant idea as it arrives. Of course, you don't. Ideas are elusive.

The sketch above is what I feel I must look like as I cart around my belongings. I felt the weight of my rucksack as I drew and the ache in my back as I lifted everything up for the umpteenth time that day.

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