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Left Bank Residency: Day 4

drawing compositions

Day four began with bleary eyes, a list of objectives for the day, and yet another interminable list of things to be foraged from home.

The list of objectives seemed manageable. Which was important, since the last (non) goal on the list was no sleep until the rest on the list had been done. This was my was of focussing on the day ahead and not the terrifying prospect of a week ahead. Baby steps, baby steps. Enough experience of life and art at least to be aware that completion of baby steps is enough to allow for the possibility of great things.

Outside the space (usually in the early hours), I have moments of veering between total panic, and total confidence it will all be okay. Once inside the space, I’m generally so focussed on the work that I don’t think at all about the idea of catastrophic failure. Well I do, but because I’m in clear work mode, I can then come up with an immediate back-up plan. My Perspex panels all shatter whilst drilling? No problem; I’ll scatter a pile of jewelled fragments around in the manner of Jack Sparrow’s cave hoard, or create a collage, or hang the fragments in the manner of a mobile etc., etc. This is Art, for God’s sake. I have the capacity to make anything work, and resolve any and all disasters. So all is well and good, and I can get back to the plan for the day.

The great thing by day four is that everything is conceptually so much clearer. My thinking on space and place, my practice concerns with the insignificant, the banal, the everyday, its impact on perceptions and assumptions… All of this is working its way into the art, and new synergies are happening and it’s all very hopeful.

I also completed the task list.

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