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Left Bank Residency: Day 6

more experiments with material

Day six is an achievement not least because for most of it I was at a charity fund-raising art fair and still managed to get in a fair few hours working in the twilight zone. Which was interesting because working in semi-darkness whilst painting with materials which guarantee uncontrollable aesthetic outcomes in normal conditions just adds a certain something to the whole experience.

Picture this. Reverse painting on acrylic means not being able to see the results accurately until the great reveal of the plastic film finally being ripped off on the “good” side. You might think this shouldn’t change stuff much. It’s all see-through, after all, isn’t it?

Yes and no. The cheap plastic film protecting the surface is an best opaque “see through”. The plastic film I’m now working with on the final pieces is white. For the next four days, I’m painting and quite literally unable to assess how things are going from the viewing side. All I have to judge progress is the experience of the last five days.

The opening on Thursday next week will be as much of a reveal for me as for the rest of the viewing audience.

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