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Life Class


I think it’s over two years since I last did a life class. I was tempted to spend all today doing a “Klimt” based one. It’s a nice way of spending a day drawing with no purpose whatsoever.

I always use these sorts of groups to do my own thing; so I’ll go off in entirely different directions to the rest if it appeals, and I don’t think in terms of “rules”.

So I was a bit surprised today when someone quite aggressively challenged me about painting from a photo. I wasn’t actually painting from a photo at all (she’d mistaken my mini palette hidden in my hand for a phone) but then I wondered well, so what if I had been using my phone? Does that negate the purpose of a life class? But isn’t a life class just a great opportunity to have a model sit still for longer than two seconds?

Next time I think I will use my phone. To get close ups to compensate for my shocking myopia.

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