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Next Stop Blake’s Jerusalem

ideas phase

Sunday pack down. Monday tidy day. Tuesday back to serious brainstorming and drawing and activity. Blake’s Jerusalem.

Weirdly finding myself in a parallel echo work mode. Delivery of art scheduled for a week on Thursday. Once more, ten days. And once more, four acrylic panels calling for reverse painting. Is this for real?

It gets more surreal. Another church building. The series of coincidences are remarkable. The four spaces I’m looking to occupy are each exactly one centimetre less both widthways and lengthways of the offcut acrylic pieces dumped in my studio just over a week ago.

Last night I dreamed of these paintings-to-be and exactly the brush marks I would make. Of course, it won’t play out like that because it never does, but I’m conscious of another ten days of unstoppable momentum now.

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