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Showing Process



I have an exhibition starting this weekend. It’s in a relatively small room adjacent to a larger dining area and bar at The Reliance in Leeds.

It’s a complete contrast to the white wall environment of my other current exhibition at Redbrick Mill in Batley, where glossy immaculate digitally reconstructed urban landscapes adorn the space.

The Reliance show is not exhibiting final resolved pieces. It’s a small intimate room with dark green walls lending itself to a variety of small works on paper so I’m grabbing this opportunity to do something I’ve never done before (except online through this blog): to show progression of exploration of an idea through working drawings and experiments.

Will it ‘work’? I hope so, obviously. But I don’t know. It’s a risk, showing “unfinished” work, evolving ideas. But I want to do it. People always seem to love looking through my sketchbook work, so it’s about time I put up the ideas process, I think.

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