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Slow-fast progress

work in progress (detail) Celestial Suburbia (Chapeltown)

Can’t decide if progress is slow, fast, on schedule or behind. All that can be said is that the work is where it is, and hanging is scheduled for Thursday. It’s definitely at the dicey scary point of Potential Overworking. Normally when creating an image, you start big, with general masses, and work in and finally detail touches at the end. With reverse painting not only is everything visually back-to-front, but the working process too. So you have to begin with detail to preserve it, and then if you start small, the tendency is to continue itty-bitty, and then you end up with unsatisfactory large masses of itty-bitty. This much I have learned. The only solution I can think of for today is to now throw paint at the surface. Leave the brushes behind. Maybe collage. Or spray paint. Scary, but sort of exciting. If it goes wrong, no one will ever know what I had in mind.

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