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Beavering in silence

It’s been a while. Not that the work has stopped; on the contrary I’ve been beavering non-stop with plenty to do BUT. But.

I write almost every day on one blog or another. This is my personal reflective-of-my-own-work blog and if I’m reflecting in other ways (principally good old fashioned notebooks, journals and sketchbooks) and reading non stop and posting elsewhere then this forum sort of slides into nowhere.

Sometimes though I’m inspired to reflect more publicly again. I’ve had so many ideas buzzing through my head recently, it’s time to commit and see through here.

Enough procrastination.

The goal: a series of posts reflecting on what is important in the context of my artwork. Those recurring themes I trot out in every artist’s statement, and invariably in less than 250 words.

There’s a place for brevity. But there’s a space for more extended consideration.

And with this shit weather I’m doing small paintings squeezed into a corner of the house. Until it lets up I’m not going near the studio.

What better time to write?

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