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Left Bank Residency: Day 5


But still, so much exciting stuff is happening in the midst of the angst that I would far sooner be facing the tough bits than not. It has also lead to an epiphany moment. This is, after all, primarily a short residency, with a very very short exhibition of work tagged on at the end. This is not about working to a final ultimate goal of showing perfectly resolved and finished work. This is about the process of researching, experiencing, reflecting and experimenting in a new space.

Deprived of my comfort blanket Barkston studio environment and a “normal” (were there any such thing in any event) timeframe to work towards a show, I’m approaching work method and production in a radically different way. I’m having to take the sort of risks that in my ideal world of art making I like to imagine taking, but in the real world, pressures of “perfection” and a tendency to revert to familiar technique invariably intervene.

I joked yesterday I may end up throwing paint on the Perspex panels. Many a true word, etc., etc.

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