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Lockdown 3, Day 3

It's official. Back to Stay At Home and Avoid Non-Essential Travel. Having cleared the studio after the Artifact show work left for New York, I was enthusiastically contemplating a new project. Brexit Britain is an disconcerting and sad place to be but it warrants artistic exploration. The shock of the 2016 referendum vote paralysed my practice and it's taken until now to reconcile with reality. With reconciliation and acceptance though comes space to begin examining again the daily absurdities and contradictions of this society I have to recognise I'm part of.

I knew Lockdown 3 was coming when I found myself starting a massive new painting in a very small space at home.

Stay At Home for the moment feels the right thing to do. I've packed up some supplies and I will miss the late afternoon winter sunshine which makes it so hard to work on one side. I won't miss the finger numbing cold which sets in after a while in January.

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