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Painting Pleasure

As soon as one show is down, it’s on with the next, with a cyber-interlude-Facebook exhibition intervening tonight.

The tendency after any sort of show for me is to sink into a state of overwhelming lassitude. Psychologically, I’m on a roll, but with no energy to take advantage of the creative run. Except when there’s no time to sit and recover.

So this week, my attention has been fully and 100% focussed on The Other Art Fair happening towards the end of this month. There’s far too much to do even without finishing off work, but it’s just too good an opportunity to miss having a new major piece out on display. So as well as scoping out my exhibition stand and planning my promotional material, and drafting this that and the other, I find myself running into the studio as much as I can just to paint.

After an exclusively digital three months, it’s good to be back to real paint. Real turps. Dried out medium and constant messing with brushes. Oh, and my currently nicely manicured nails will soon be begging for mercy.

Still, I’m happy with the last couple of days’ effort. Just getting into the studio and focussing on paint in the purest sense makes time pass like nothing else on earth.

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